Moving on

The Moving On Project was piloted at Doorway in 2007. Since then, we have completed two sets of training for volunteers to become Moving On volunteers and worked with a number of guests with very positive results.

The Outcome Star System

We currently run the project with the inclusion of the Outcomes Star® System, developed by Triangle Consulting for one to one support work with the homeless and vulnerably housed. This system is a visual tool which enables guests to assess certain areas in their lives that they may have problems with and consequently form action plans with SMART targets to gradually make changes in these areas.

The use of the Star fully supports the aim of the Moving On project, and more widely Doorway’s aim, of guest-led change. The Star can also be used to measure change. This first allows guests to see the change they have achieved and also provides measurable outcomes of support for statistics and further funding applications.

The Moving On model

Our ‘Moving On’ programme is based on a model pioneered by Lemos and Crane and is described in their report ‘Dreams Deferred’.

The aim is for support workers to provide guests with a structured way to reflect on their lives and behaviour and to help guests to:

  • map their situation
  • decide if and what they wish to change
  • agree steps they can take towards this change
  • plan and take the action that they have decided upon
  • review and learn from the action they have taken, in preparation for taking further action.

Not every guest, even with the help of a support worker, will be able to work their way through all stages of the process. Staff and guests can use the parts they think are relevant and helpful and which will help guests to make as much progress as they feel is appropriate for them.

Similarly, the process may raise issues and problems that are beyond the skills of the support worker and may highlight the need for professional help.

The Moving On stages

The process is in three stages:

1. Plan
2. Do
3. Review

Guests are encouraged to reflect on and learn from the action that they have taken, so that the process becomes self-reinforcing:

reflection – insight – decision – action – reflection – insight etc

It is important to remember that Doorway staff are not counsellors, therapists, mediators, GPs etc. We do not take on what we are not qualified to do or what we cannot cope with. We will always call a halt if we hit something beyond our remit and look for a appropriate specialist service.