Our drop-in is held in The Salvation Army Hall, Foghamshire.  It is easily accessible in the centre of Chippenham, and close to the shops, transport and services such as the Jobcentre and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Doorway currently operates two open access drop-in sessions each week – Monday morning and Thursday afternoon.

During each session we provide:

  • freshly prepared hot meals
  • personal showers
  • laundry facilities
  • clothing parcels
  • toiletries
  • sleeping bags
  • one-to-one support from trained staff
  • signposting to specialist support and advice services where necessary
  • use of telephone for official calls
  • an address for official correspondence
  • a venue for guests to directly engage with partnership agencies, including drug and alcohol services
  • activities such as
    • newspapers
    • table tennis
    • computer games
    • music improvisation sessions
    • supervised IT sessions with Internet access
    • creative writing

Doorway very often encounters guests with particularly threatening and challenging behaviour. We are able to gain their confidence and establish ground rules so that they can modify their behaviour. This ensures that these guests who are excluded by other agencies are managed safely within the drop-in.


Why we don’t charge

One of the questions we are regularly asked is why we don’t charge for the services we provide during these sessions. The most important reason involves“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Doorway needs to provide for the bottom layer of the pyramid (i.e. guests’ basic needs) before we can attempt to address any issues further up the pyramid. We don’t charge for food, washing or showers because this is how we encourage people through our door in the first place.

Once they are in the session and ready to engage, we use our extra activities to help guests move up the layers of the pyramid. Sometimes they only need to visit us once to get the help that they require, but very often it takes a long time to break down the barriers, to build trusting relationships and to move people on in their lives.